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About Dr. Patterson

I knew I would be a physician since the age of six.

In 1979, my hospital medical training began. I remember the awesome responsibility of caring for people so sick as to require hospitalization. The science required for such care was impressive and is even better today. The healthcare taught and provided in hospitals moved people out of extraordinary pain and lethal situations.

There is a continuum of well-being; from nearly dead to vibrantly healthy. Medical understanding can address improvements in well-being anywhere along that continuum. Any shift toward better health is appreciated by anyone who experiences it.

I began asking questions about general well-being during my hospital training. Those questions were rarely answered.

In 1985 I stumbled upon alternative healthcare. A nutritionist amazed me with his ability to address and improve chronic conditions through a broad part of the health care continuum. His office practice consisted of high functioning people who had responded well to his therapy and also those not quite hospitalized, but truly living in misery. If his recommendations were followed, considerable improvement occurred.

Within a year I joined a Holistic Center in San Antonio. Nutrition, Reflexology, Massage Therapy, Rolfing, Naturopathy and Homeopathy were practiced at that clinic. Each therapy forced a reevaluation of my understanding of healthcare. I was exposed to and began to understand the principles of healing versus protocols of treating.

I remember the homeopathic case that finalized my new convictions. A forty year old man came to the clinic complaining of a rash on his right side, blurry vision in his right eye, hemorrhoids and a rectal fistula. I presented the case to my very masterful homeopathic mentor. He told me the patient had an obvious "right-sided condition" and chose a right-sided homeopathic remedy that affects the liver, a right sided organ.

Muttering to myself with almost insurmountable skepticism, I returned to the patient and wrote the homeopathic prescription. On follow up, 2 weeks later, all 4 complaints were completely absent. He had taken the sugar pills once a day for 2 weeks as recommended and had saved himself 2 surgeries and lots of medicines. My medical belief systems could tolerate one "spontaneous remission", but 4 spontaneous remissions in 4 very unrelated systems had me reeling.

My intellectual choices at that point were to consider the line of reasoning my homeopathic mentor offered or to burn him at the stake. This experience forced me to look beyond pharmacologic reasoning to the energetic and informational system influences on physiology.

The Reflexologist caused immediate responses in organ systems with his manipulations in my foot. This experientially introduced the ideas of energetic meridians to me.

The nutritionists at the clinic routinely improved people's energy levels, improved metabolic function as demonstrated by mainstream laboratory blood tests, improved their emotional baseline of functioning and even restored hair color at times. Medically diagnosable chronic conditions improved over weeks to months.

I was Rolfed at that clinic in 1985. Fascinating sensations presented during and after the sessions. New levels of energy, coordination, self awareness and awareness of others emerged. These very welcome changes persisted and deepened week after week for over a year. It was obvious that I was getting to know myself at a level never before considered possible. Over time, a definite shift in my level of consciousness became apparent. This shift continues to improve. Initially, more than once, I literally thought it was magic. It isn’t, but I did not have a framework for considering such an enormous personal shift. During my initial Rolfing I wondered if I could learn to do Rolfing.” Impossible, you don’t have whatever this is” came to my mind.

Rolfing helped me clarify my sense of purpose and 6 months later I left the clinic and began working in Addictionology. Stable, enduring, satisfactory sobriety requires profound personal growth. I saw that Rolfing changes went further and faster than typical addiction psychotherapy and 12 step growth.

I brought a Rolfer to see my stable outpatient recovering patients and they all grew enormously and rapidly. Assimilating Rolfing principles forced changes in my treatment protocols. I spoke at length with the Rolfer each of his trips. I developed an understanding of a healing based practice versus a treating based practice. I chose Rolfing as a healing modality because I liked its profound and ongoing effect on raising consciousness.

In 1992 I finished my basic Rolf training and have been Rolfing since. I completed my advanced Rolf training in 1999 and my Rolfing Movement Practitioner certification in 2008.

I taught entry level classes for the Rolf Institute in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. I am now teaching post graduate Rolfing classes approved for Rolf Institute Continuing Education credit.

I attend the Dallas Osteopathic Study Group on a regular basis. I attend 10 to 15 days of Rolf continuing education classes a year.

I speak Spanish well and am moderately conversant in Portuguese.

I am active with swimming and Aikido studies, family and friends.


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