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Who Chooses Rolfing?

Many people initially choose Rolfing to see if it will help resolve a long-standing musculoskeletal pain syndrome. Typically they have seen their physical therapist and orthopedic surgeon, taken a variety of pain medicines, gone to yoga, etc. Having exhausted their known options, their continued desire to improve forces an opening to other approaches.

Some people come to Rolfing because they have heard about the psychological growth Rolfing typically imparts. Many of the people seeking muscular pain relief also notice some of this psychological growth and decide they want to further explore Rolfing.

If you are a high-level athlete and well, Rolfing typically will take you to a new increased level of performance due to its profound effects upon coordination. If you are a high-level athlete hampered by a major or minor injury and not progressing to your satisfaction, Rolfing frequently will get you back to your desired level of performance.

Most of my Rolfing clients who run report smoother leg and body running coordination, better stamina and a prolonged running career. I Rolfed a military pentathlete who had retired from competition and was coaching. After the second Rolf session (10 days into the Rolf series), he noticed he could lift 30% more weight on his weight training machines. Within weeks, he experienced a 2+ second drop in time in his 50 meter obstacle swim. Both changes had to be due to improved coordination. Within a year, he resumed competition and did quite well internationally. One of my Rolf clients progressed from being a very high-level local triathlete to qualifying fifth at the Olympic trials for the Olympic Pentathlon within 2 years of her Rolf series. She was in her late 30s at the time. A professional golfer had an ankle dysfunction, was hooking his shots 35° to the left and could no longer make the highest qualifying cut. His ankle cleared up with Rolfing and once again he qualified for the highest money tournaments. Results vary with different individuals.

Some people decide before the first appointment that they want to receive the whole 10 series; others wish to take it one appointment at a time. Either way is fine: after experiencing a Rolfing session, a client usually enjoys a much better understanding of what the process involves. Many people who have completed their 10 series come back for "advanced" Rolfing work in the months and years that follow. This advanced work deepens one's concept of self and further integrates coordination. This level of change is best felt to be understood. It goes well past typical psychotherapy.

Many parents have their children Rolfed once they have experienced the benefits of Rolfing. Developing a strong sense of self is the highest task of childhood and Rolfing will definitely deepen such a positive sense of self in your child.

Many people decide to see a Rolfer to see if they could avoid a surgery or to get a different perspective than mainstream physical therapy. Rolfing can accelerate recovery from surgeries or accidents.


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